Horse And Bull Story

Once upon a time there was a horse and bull both servicing a farmer
  BULL’s task was to plough the fields of the farmer daily from morning to evening
HORSE task was to transport the heavy things from one place to another for few times in a day

One day bull said to horse that, ” i m tired of doing such a hard work daily from morning to evening today i really don’t want to work” he said in sad mood

After listening this horse replied and said that you can do one thing
“If today u don’t wanna go to work than show like that you are sick today by not taking the food ,in this way farmer will think that you are tired today and he won’t make plough today and he will use me for today”.
In this way bull will be survived.

    Bull did the same,he just not ate the food and farmer thought that he is sick today and he used horse  instead of bull today for the field works.

Bull thought that it’s a very good idea to escape from work he start doing the same thing for a week

Surely he was misusing the help of horse.

Pity HORSE just understand the trick of bull and he thought something and went to bull and said “i have heard from the farmer when he was speaking to the neighborhood that he bull will not recover in one day than he will handover the bull to Butcher”.

After listening this bull immediately recovered next day.

Motto: Never over misuse someone’s help
Don’t make fool of who helps you


Making the Untrue to ‘True’

If you are looking for the answer of
the question that

how to bring the positive change in yourself

then you are at the right spot

You can bring any positive change in yourself by just doing less than a minute for few days.

However you are suffering from depression, badluck, dominated by others, always feels sad, lonely or any kind of such negative feelings,here is the solution for all my friend

Key is:-
           Only for 30 seconds daily you have to tell big big lies to yourself infront of the mirror, praise yourself for something, give applause and end with a smile, that’s it.

Practice this for a month only and you will definitely going to see a great change in yourself.

Gradually with time you will start noticing that ,that lie you useto tell starts taking real shape, you feel positive, Now that’s your change my friend.

Gopal Dubey Bhardwaj

Dream Large!!

It is a fact in this challenging world that,‘Your Desire Leads You To Your Goal’

So what is your Desire???

This is a fact that whatever you determine by your true heart and put some effort to achieve that,however early or late you are definitely going to achieve that

Somewhere i have heared this quote in Hindi

Jab aap kisi ko sache dil se chaho to apko usse milane ke liye sari qaynat sajish me lag jati hai

Here Kisi ko can refer to literally anything that you want to achieve,
literally anything.

But here the twist comes ,kisi ko decides what really you are going to achieve. Here you have to decide what is that thing which you will replace with.

Now while deciding Open your HEART as big as you can DON’T STOP YOURSELF ,don’t think that you can’t achieve it or don’t think about the obstacles regarding that. Just let it flow out of Heart.
Make it as large as you can

Because of the fact that

You Can’t Achieve That Thing ,That You Have Never Thought

Unless until you are not a LUCKY CHARM.
Think Large atleast you will be able achieve half of that.

My dear here You are done with this DREAM LARGE ,HAVE LARGE

Think For The Thinking